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Ti-ZoneTM Desktop Server Cloud

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Automatic identification and quantification of macrozones in texture data* from titanium alloys.

Ti-ZoneTM was developed to identify and quantify macrozones in titanium alloys from EBSD Big data.  Other materials can be included per customer request.  Analytics include inverse pole figure maps, texture (ODF and pole figure), and individual macrozone families.  The quantification includes two-point statistics as well as standard metrics currently used in the aerospace supply chain (e.g. median, mean, standard deviation, etc.)

Materials Big Data techniques at your fingertips.

Our state of the art computer vision, and machine learning algorithms quickly identify macrozones from 1000s of EBSD tiles and then group them into families (i.e. clusters).  Size metrics are then calculated for each family.

The use of higher-order statistics enables analytics using unsupervised pattern recognition for efficient quality control.

Ti-ZoneTM Features:

  • Visualization of EBSD Big data (IPF maps, Pole Figures)
  • Automatic extraction of macrozones with user override
  • Macrozone quantification using higher order statistics.
  • No-SQL database to store data and meta-data for flexibility of dataset size and spatial location
  • Import and export in hdf5 file formats

Multi-user and multi-processor

When access for a single user isn't enough, Ti-ZoneTM server is the solution. Our algorithms and database are designed to scale horizontally, and configured to get the most out of your existing hardware.

Multiple user accounts all access the same database, while sharing permissions at the project and sample levels give you complete control over who can access the data within your organization.

Focus on your data, let us take care of everything else.

With nothing to install, you're ready to go from day one. Once you upload your data to our dedicated servers, you can access it anywhere you have a web enabled device and internet connection.  All of your data is stored on a secure, private drive, giving you complete control over it. 

When your data is hosted on the MRL cloud, you can run as many jobs as you need without worrying about overloading your system.  Our scalable capacity ensures your job will always run quickly so you can see your results fast.


8x8 mm EBSD with 70,000,000 orientations.

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Intuitive graphical user interface

As a web-based application, Ti-ZoneTM was built for implementation with minimum expertise in texture analysis.

Inputs from TSL, Bruker, or HKL systems

With the ability to read a variety of input formats, Ti-ZoneTM complements and expands the functionality of your existing data collection and analysis systems.

For EBSD Big Data

Everything we do is built on a modern, No-SQL database, giving you the flexibility to add relevant information "on the fly,"  and can handle 100,000,000 datasets on desktop PCs.

Along with our software we provide a database explorer, and the ability to import and export data in a wide range of formats so you always have access to your data.

Fast data mining protocols (optional)

Our data mining protocols have been optimized for fast analysis of EBSD Big Data.  Our machine learning algorithms can capture the spatial variation of macrozones within a part, or from part to part, and find patterns in microstructures.  These can be used to identify batch-to-batch variability, supplier variability, and location specific microstructural heterogeneities.
*Patent No. US 9,070,203